Our story

..starts – at the very first beginning – with the idea of setting a right equilibration for your health: food full of nutrients, gluten-free and sugar free options. Dishes are prepared always keeping in mind the high protein and low carbs diet. We offer high quality food with a pinch to Swedish cuisine among other novelties.

Enjoy life in the right way

..create your own happiness with us. We serve a secret combination of good life and tasty pleasure. The views from Puente Romano Tennis Club terrace are definitely the best place to enjoy early breakfast, brunch, lunch, or even a dinner, as kitchen is open everyday from 08:00 till 22:00.

The main thing is health

..without imposing strict limits. We believe in simple, but delicious treats – you can enjoy food as well as taking care of your body. Above all, we supply balanced platters like our name is “Lagom” – not too little, not too much. Just right. BALANCE.

When you make the first step, you realise that you are exactly where you need to be!